Hill Smith Gallery

10 May - 26 May 2018 

Tony Lloyd, Ben Howe, Camilla Tadich, Matthew Quick, Robin Eley, Shannon Smiley



Gippsland Art Gallery 

6 January - 18 March 2018

One of the most exciting, ambitious, and beautiful exhibitions ever staged in regional Australia will be the first mounted in the new Gippsland Art Gallery, following a two-year, $14.53 million redevelopment. Titled Imagine, the exhibition of 134 works from 81 local, national, and international artists will take visitors on a journey through five centuries of art making. Cumulatively, Imagine reveals a history of the earth as told through the human imagination, from the fires of first creation through to the science and technology of today and beyond.

Conceived by Gippsland Art Gallery Curator Simon Gregg.

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3 September - 6 December

This exhibition of works from the collection of Susan Taylor and Peter Jones at the Justin Art House Museum aspires to open a window on a living collection that is still growing and expanding into new areas.

"Tony Lloyd is generally classified as a realist painter, one of the top five in Australia according to Andrew Frost in the latest Art Collector magazine. The attraction to us of his work at this time was not only the precision of the painting, but his selection of particular scenes and their cinematic treatment: lonely roads at night, subways, eerie mountain landscapes. Swerve catches a moment of tension between something that has happened and something that is about to happen, a driver losing control of his vehicle, witnessed only by the deep blue of the night sky through the treetops. VERY Twin Peaks!"


Issue 302 October 2017

Read the article by Chloé Wolifson here.


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