Tony Lloyd has had twenty six solo exhibitions over the past twenty years and has shown widely in Australia and internationally.

His work has been curated into exhibitions such as “Unworldly Encounters” at AEAF in Adelaide, “Imagined Worlds” at Town Hall Gallery, Melbourne, “Conquest of Space” curated by Andrew Frost at COFA UNSW, “2112 Imagining The Future” and “HEAT: Art and Climate Change” both curated by Linda Williams at RMIT University Gallery.

Lloyd’s work has also featured in publications such as ART + Climate = Change from Melbourne University Press, New Romantics, Darkness and light in Australian Art by curator Simon Gregg, and “A First Life Residency Project in Landscape” by Ashley Crawford.

Lloyd has had artist residencies twice at The British School at Rome in 2007 and again in 2008, at Canvas International Art, Amsterdam, at the 24HR Art studio in Beijing. He is currently a resident artist at the Hawthorn Arts Centre. Lloyd was artist in residence at the ARC Centre of excellence for Free Radical Chemistry at Melbourne University in 2013. He is also involved in an ongoing “Residency in landscape” with artists Sam Leach, Cang Xin (China) and Shi Jinsong (China). Together they have travelled through Arnhem Land, China, Tibet and most recently the Flinders Ranges, exhibitions based on their shared experiences have been held in Beijing, Darwin and Adelaide.

Lloyd’s paintings are in numerous public collections including the State Library of Victoria, Gippsland Art Gallery, RMIT Gallery, Artbank, the City of Boroondara and the City of Whitehorse. He has received recognitions for his work such as the John Leslie Art Prize, the Belle Arti Prize, the Sulman Highly Commended prize the Gold Coast Art prize People's choice award, the RMIT Post Graduate Award as well as Development Grants from the Australia Council for the Arts.

In 2009 Gippsland Art Gallery presented Lost Highways a major survey of Lloyd’s work from 1999-2009.

Tony Lloyd has also curated exhibitions including Notfair, an alternative art fair in Melbourne which he founded with Sam Leach and Ashley Crawford; Insight Radical, a Science/Art project that was curated in collaboration with scientists at Melbourne University. Lloyd has also written on art and artists at www.artinfo.com.au and in Artist Profile magazine.



2017 The Distance. Gallery 9 Sydney

2016 Elemental. Cat Street Gallery Hong Kong

2014 Slow Motion. Gallery 9 Sydney

2013 Other Worlds. Dianne Tanzer Gallery Melbourne

2012 Here is Everywhere. Hill Smith Gallery

2012 All The Time In The World. Cat Street Gallery Hong Kong

2011 Into The Void. Block Projects

2010 Hill Smith Gallery @ Melbourne Art Fair

2009 The Drift. Hill Smith Gallery Adelaide

2009 Lost Highways. Gippsland Art Gallery. Sale, Victoria

2008 Canvas International Art, Amstelveen The Netherlands                       

2008 There Are More Things. Nellie Castan Gallery Melbourne

2008 World Without End. Hill Smith Gallery Adelaide

2007 Canvas International Art, Amstelveen The Netherlands

2006 Things behind the Sun. Nellie Castan Gallery Melbourne

2006 Afterglow. Michael Carr Art Dealer Sydney

2005 Distance. Michael Carr Art Dealer Sydney

2004 Motion Pictures. Nellie Castan Gallery Melbourne

2003 Deep in the Woods. Michael Carr Art Dealer Sydney

2003 Canvas International Art Amsterdam The Netherlands

2002 Distraction. Arc One Melbourne

2002 Ben Grady Gallery Canberra

2002 Detour. Span Galleries Melbourne

2001 Painting After Films. Faculty Gallery RMIT University

2000 Passages. Span Galleries Melbourne

1998 In the Interim. Span Galleries Melbourne

1996 First Site Gallery RMIT Melbourne



2017 Telaesthesia. Hill Smith Gallery Adelaide

2017 timeFRAME Justin Art House Museum

2017 Le Belle Arti. Chapman and Bailey gallery

2017 The Kilgour Art Prize. Newcastle Art Gallery

2017 The Hadley's Art Prize. Hadley's Orient Hotel

2017 A small show of imperfect paintings. Trocadero Art Space

2016 Unworldly Encounters. AEAF Adelaide.

2016 Imagined Worlds. Town Hall Gallery, Melbourne.

2016 Flying. K35 Gallery Moscow

2015 New Dimensions. Hill Smith Gallery

2015 Mug Shot. Gallery Ecosse NSW

2014 Art in Chemistry, Chemistry in Art Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House London

2014 Conquest of Space. COFA UNSW Sydney

2014 Insight Radical. Future Space Gallery The Science Exchange Adelaide

2013 Insight Radical. The Griffin Gallery London

2013 New Horizons. Gippsland Art Gallery

2012 First Life. Chan Contemporary Art Centre, Darwin

2012 2112 Imagining The Future. RMIT Gallery

2011 New Romantics. Gippsland Art Gallery

2011 Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Beijing

2011 Cat Street Gallery Hong Kong

2010 COMODAA London

2009 Extropian. Sullivan & Strumpf Fine Art Sydney

2008 Tempo Reale. The British School at Rome, Italy

2008 HEAT: Art and Climate Change. RMIT Gallery Melbourne

2008 The Ressurrectionists. Block Projects Melbourne

2007 Transit. The British School at Rome, Italy

2005 No Return Kings ARI Melbourne

2004 Oneindige Landschappen. Loods 6 Amsterdam

2003 Exhibit 001. Nth Art London

2003 Depth of Field. Shepparton Art Gallery & Monash Uni. Museum of Art Melbourne

2003 Melbourne X. Canberra C.A.S. & Sydney Col. of the Arts

2000 A Brush with Death. Latrobe Street Gallery, Melbourne



2016 Winner Boy's Choice award. Kings School Art Prize

2016 Finalist Fleurieu Art Prize

2015 Finalist Albany Art prize WA

2014 Winner Belle Arti Prize

2014 Highy Commended Sulman Prize AGNSW

2012 Winner John Leslie Art Prize

2012 Finalist Geelong Contemporary Art Prize

2012 Finalist Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize

2011 Finalist The Arthur Guy Prize Bendigo Art Gallery

2010 Finalist Geelong Contemporary Art Prize

2010 Finalist Sulman Prize Art Gallery NSW

2009 Finalist Sulman Prize Art Gallery NSW

2008 Finalist Geelong Contemporary Art Prize

2007 Finalist The Arthur Guy Prize Bendigo Art Gallery

2006 Finalist Geelong Contemporary Art Prize

2005 Finalist Gold Coast Art Prize

2005 Finalist The Robert Jacks Drawing Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery

2005 Finalist Whyalla Art Prize South Australia

2005 Winner People's Choice Gold Coast Art Prize

2002 Finalist Geelong Contemporary Art Prize

2002 Finalist John Leslie Art Prize

2001 Finalist Gold Coast Art Prize



2007 Australia Coucil for the Arts- Skills and Arts Development Grant

2005 Australia Coucil for the Arts- Skills and Arts Development Grant

1999-2000 RMIT Post Graduate Research Award

1995 RMIT Union Arts grant



2016 Oratunga station Flinders Ranges SA

2015 Town Hall Gallery Studio

2015 Melbourne Girls Grammar School

2013 ARC Centre of Excellence for Free Radical Chemistry, School of Chemistry Melbourne University

2011 24HR ART Beijing Studio

2008 British School at Rome. Artist Residency. Rome, Italy

2008 Canvas Internationa Art Artist Residency. Amstelveen, NL

2008 British School at Rome. Artist Residency. Rome, Italy

2007 British School at Rome. Artist Residency. Rome, Italy



RMIT Gallery, State Library of Victoria, Gippsland Art Gallery, Artbank, City of Boroondara. City of Whitehorse, Macquarie bank, BHP Billiton.



2000   Master of Arts (Fine Art) by research RMIT University

1998   Honours degree Fine Art Painting RMIT University

1997   Bachelor of Arts Fine Art Painting RMIT University

1991   Advanced Certificate in Art and Design RMIT TAFE



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Download Tony Lloyd's resume here.



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